About me?

An short introduction
Born 1964 in Stuttgart Studies Art and Philosophy in Stuttgart and Tübingen Teaching in Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Berlin Exhibitions in various countrys since 1993 Lives and works in Berlin.

Markus Keibel transforms material and immaterial resources into works which direct us towards the availability of new relationships with our society. By establishing a context, specifically through each works’ presentation that allows for the viewers interaction, his art’s energy finds its purpose in a suspended state of wonder. This state of wonder is the result of a recog- nition by the viewer of the transformation of the matter through the energy applied (physical or conceptual). When the transformation is recognized, this difference that makes a difference becomes the information available to the viewer. Whether the matter is of coarse or fine quality or the energy is of coarse or fine quality, it is the process of refinement initiated by the artist, involving the viewer, which transforms “matter of one kind” to “matter of a different kind.” Resources become information and information becomes a resource.

Marc Omar, Epicentro Art Management